making management manageable

thinc.small provides executives and small business owners the legal counseling and management support needed to meet the strategic and operational challenges standing in the way of growing their businesses and increasing profitability. thinc.small can provide your business with legal, management and strategic planning services tailored to your specific needs with retainer and billing options designed to accommodate your budget. We consider our clients partners and measure our success by their success.

legal & executive support services


Executives look to thinc.small for advice and guidance with business decisions to achieve greater productivity and profitability while avoiding unnecessary risk. thinc.small can reduce the uncertainty in decision making help you grow your business with the following services:

  • Business Model and Plan Creation
  • Strategic and Organizational Planning
  • Organizational Design and Efficiency Optimization
  • Lease vs. Buy, ROI & Risk Analysis
  • Financial and Strategic Modeling
  • Entity Selection and Formation
  • Business Valuation
  • Contingency Planning
  • C-Level Advisor and Representative

thinc.small helps small businesses navigate the multitude of contracts and registrations required to protect their assets and maximize growth, including drafting, review, negotiation and protection of:

  • Lease Agreements
  • Buy, Sell & Merger Agreements
  • Business Transactional Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements 
  • Event and Entertainment Production Agreements
  • Financing Agreements

At thinc.small, we have the experience and knowledge to provide counseling and support for your important staffing and labor needs, including drafting, review and negotiation of:

  • Executive Employment Agreements
  • Employee and Contractor Agreements
  • Benefit Plans and Packages
  • Employment Policies and Procedure Manuals
  • Process Manuals
  • Termination Agreements
compliance & other

At thinc.small, we understand that running a business requires ongoing compliance with a multitude of rules and regulations. We help insure our client’s compliance with the following services as well as support and representation if needed:

  • Code and Regulatory Compliance and Reporting
  • Internal Process Audits
  • Representation Before Regulatory Agencies, State and Federal Court
  • Litigation Representation and Support
  • Copyrights and Trademarks and other Intellectual Property

equipped to optimize and protect

Tim Lee, founder and CEO of thinc.small, started his career as a cost accountant and financial analyst working for Fortune 500 companies in the healthcare products and aircraft manufacturing industries before earning his MBA. He subsequently held senior management positions in accounting, finance, operations and human resources in the software development, and technology manufacturing industries, as well as higher education before earning his law degree.  

Since his admittance to the Texas Bar, Tim has worked with small-business owners and executives on a wide variety of issues from entity selection and formation to business agreement drafting and negotiation, to resolution of employment and contract disputes, and regularly assists clients in securing and protecting their intellectual property rights as well as insuring compliance with regulatory matters. 

Unlike traditional business lawyers and management consultants, Tim brings hands-on senior level management experience in a variety of industries. Additionally, having worked closely with business owners and executives as both a businessman and a lawyer, Tim understands that effectively running a business requires navigating a multitude of legal compliance issues while managing not only business operations, but multiple relationships with a variety of service providers. thinc.small brings extensive knowledge and experience to executives and small-business owners giving them an edge over the competition. 

If you are looking for a resource to help you get your business on track and achieve your goals, you need thinc.small on your management team.

fee arrangements designed to fit your needs

Embedded In-House Counsel - Dedicated counsel on-site to meet Client’s legal and consulting needs without busting the budget

thinc.small will assign a lawyer to work on-site at Client’s place of business, dealing directly with Client’s executives and business groups as Client's own dedicated corporate counsel. Under this arrangement Client gains the benefit of having experienced dedicated on-site counsel who can work as many as hours as necessary to meet Client’s needs, while not having to incur the financial burden and commitment of hiring in-house counsel. Under an Embedded In-House Counsel fee arrangement, Client’s needs will be assessed and a monthly retainer established at a reduced billing rate to meet Client’s budget.


Retainer - Legal and consulting services at a discounted flat monthly fee

Retainer based retention allows Client to enter a monthly plan whereby it may utilize thinc.small’s legal and counseling services for a set number of hours each month at a discounted rate. The retainer arrangement gives the Client the peace of mind in knowing that have a trusted resource to turn to for legal support and counseling without having to worry about unexpected legal bills. 


Project Billing – Services & billing on a project basis to eliminate fee uncertainty and anxiety

Utilizing Project pricing, thinc.small will provide the Client and estimate of services to be performed and the related fee. Provided services incurred fall within those described in the estimate, Client can relax knowing what the legal services fee will be prior to project completion.  


Hourly Billing  – Fee based on time providing legal and consulting services.  

There may be times when neither the Client nor the attorney can accurately estimate the effort or time required to complete a task.  In those cases, per agreement with the Client, thinc.small will bill the Client for time incurred performing projects on Client’s behalf at thinc.small’s standard billing rate which remains considerably lower than that of most business law firms.


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